BABEL l'Héritage

Costume Design First Assistant for the musical "Babel l'Héritage", played at the Strasbourg Music and Conference Centre. Dresser of the dancers group during the performances. 

In this world where the wildest dreams seem achievable, Nimrod, king of Babylon, decides to build a tower so high that it will challenge the heaven. His plans are thwarted by Aby, who arrives after a long journey in Babel to try to bring the order... With the backdrop of the most famous turn of history, passions will be unleashed: there will be born all the languages and cultures of the world. Babel is an incredible two hours show written by Raphael Bloch and Aurélien Benoilid and directed by Lionel Courtot, in which we relive the fabulous story of Babylon and its iconic tower.


Costume Design - Camille Audouard

Wardrobe Supervisor - Julie Ancel 

Photos - HK Visuals 

© 2015 by Aliénor Figueiredo.