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Lasaña de Mono

"Lasaña de Mono" is an Argentinian long-length film filmed in Mendoza, telling the story of Tito, a young student about to become a PhD doctor who suffers an agoraphobia attack the fateful day of his rendering. Following a series of unexpected events and misunderstandings, his life changes completely. The grotesque characters show up one after the other, which allowed Aliénor Figueiredo, for her first job as chief costume designer, to work on the characterization of the actors, from the shady estate agent to the wacky and resourceful roommate, or even the zombie grandma’. She selected and created the costumes during the pre-production period in agreement with the director, and was present during the shooting as chief dresser, also doing makeup touch-ups.


The film has been directed by Federico Santos and produced by Puerta Amarilla in association with  the INCAA (Argentinian film Insitute) and released the 13th of october 2016 in the Argentinian cinemas. The Film won the REMI Prizes for "Best Comedy" and "Best Foreign Movie" at the 2017 WorldFest Houston International Film Festival and the "Best Comedy" Prize at the 2017 Nice International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema. Aliénor Figueiredo was a Nominee for the "Best Costume Design" Prize.

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