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“We’re a different kind of spirit, and we don’t have to run away from the sunlight. I like the morning. I often wander around in the woods like a forest ranger until the sun rises in the fiery red sky over the ocean, turning the salty green water to gold.”

- Act III, Scene II, Midsummer Night's Dream, Shakespeare.


The costume has been made for the Master Degree's final project, the reinterpretation of Oberon's character in Shakespeare's “Midsummer Night's Dream”. Analyzing the play and the character's psychology, Aliénor Figueiredo imagined a both colorful and monochromatic costume design, representing the metamorphosis and the magic which figure him, as well as his wisdom and his power. She is inspired by the aesthetics of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, her exotism and mystery to breathe it into this strong and mystical character, giving him a new life and beauty. The costume has been handmade, using special techniques like fabric handdying.



Photo - JuanKr Zorilla
Make-up - Macarena Gomez
Model - Ruben Romero Trenado

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