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Orion” is an action short-film set in a post-apocalyptic future, treated in a clear science-fiction way and with a powerful story. It introduces an interesting thinking about death and the way people perceive and accept it. “Orion” relates the last moments of Greg's life and the struggle against death in his dream to save his grandson, framing it in an old Samuraï story, the Ronins, who lived at the end of an Era in feudal Japan and struggled to keep their status in a society that did not need them anymore.The costumes reflect the contrast between Japanese tradition and science-fiction futurism, as well as the duality between the two main characters, Greg and Death.


The costumes have been handmade, involving special techniques like leather goods and hand-dyed fabrics, in association with Anna Bastús. The film has been in competition for the Sitges Film Festival.  


Director - Ivan Mulero  
Production -  Black Light and ARDE Entertainment, in association with ECIB

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