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Vénus au Bain


Vénus au Bain
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Photo -  Jean-Michel Touzin

Film - Clément Fessy 

The costumes were used by the actress Marie-Ange Gagnaux   as part of Lavoir Public of Lyon’s performances the 9th and 10th of May 2017.

L’écorchée (the flayed woman) is costume design made for the theatre performance Vénus au Bain, directed by Raphaël Patout, supervised by the costume designer Sigolène Petey and produced by Chambre Noire-Théâtre.

This educational project is composed of six costumes changing when in contact with water, raising the issues of the interactions between the acting game and the costumes and the metamorphosis of these work tools.

In association with her partner Lise Bondu, they created a two-costumes in one. The first layer is made with non-woven fabric which shows an aeration principle in contact with water, looking like contracted muscles, fibrous tissues and ligaments. Exploring that idea of experiencing and enjoying the materials, the two costume designers developed a second layer becoming a second skin, red like blood and visible through the transparent first layer.



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